Object recognition & logo API
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Give your products and apps the power of sight
Our Object Recognition & Brand Logo API recognizes 4-5 million everyday objects across 3,000 category labels, including the following categories
Flowers & plants
Landmarks & buildings
Household & workplace items
The API can be integrated into any product, app or website.
Automated image tagging
Instantly tag and categorize millions of images and videos seamlessly. Reducing costs, saving time and minimizing human error. Hugely beneficial for publishers and other content owners to improve their search results.
Let your apps see the world like you do
Our API can be integrated into any camera-enabled device, allowing it to understand the world in front of it and react with relevant information and content. It could be in a phone, drone or even a toy. You could recognise the food and provide nutritional information. Or recognise a branded product and serve relevant content, provide facts about famous landmarks or even identify a specific flower.
Monitor branded imagery
The Computer Vision API can be integrated into tracking tools to allow brands and agencies to monitor branded imagery online and offline. Embed into social listening tools to track where a brand’s logo appears on social media and other channels and gauge sentiment. Identify brand logos and trigger rich and relevant content to be displayed.
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The API can see...

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*A query = an image sent to the server
Set up
Set up is a simple API code available in different languages. Request an API key now to get started.