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Our Fashion Recognition API uses cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology to recognise and index clothing on a person, in a picture or in a video. The API can detect the color, textile, style and type of clothing and match it to similar products in your range. Our fashion API has real pose detection so can detect what an item is no matter then pose the model is in, it can also detect multiple items of clothing from a single scene or image.

The API is ideal for clothing brands, retailers and ecommerce sites and can be integrated into any app or website. We’ve highlighted just a few of the many use cases below.
We have two different face recognition APIs. The Public Figure Recognition API which recognises hundreds of thousands of public figures and the Individual Facial Recognition API which can be trained to recognise your database of faces - whether that’s your employees, attendees or users.
Public Figure Recognition
Our Public Figure API recognises the faces of public figures and celebrities, including sports people, actors, musicians, politicians and historic figures – either on a screen, in print or in person. Our Facial Recognition API was independently verified and found to be the best in the world in terms of scale, speed, precision and recall compared to competitors whose technologies are publicly verifiable.

It is ideal for media and entertainment businesses, the API can be integrated into any app or website. Take a look at just a few of the many use cases below.
Solve those 'oh, who is that?' moments
Give viewers or readers the power to scan a famous face on TV, in a magazine, or even in person (should they be so lucky to spot one) to instantly discover who it is and what they do. Or any other relevant content you would like to share.
Automated image tagging & tracking
Instantly tag and categorize millions of images and videos containing public figures. Saving time and reducing error. Embed the api into social listening tools to track images posted on social channels.
Sponsored content
Serve ads on your platform tied to relevant famous faces. Generate additional revenue and increase the relevance of ads shown.
Unlock data insights
Discover how people are engaging with offline publications. Measure engagement and interactions with print, video and the real world.
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(Individual) Face Recognition
The face recognition API can be used in various interesting projects. We have listed a few of the many use cases below.
Our facial recognition technology can be trained to learn your database of faces - whether that’s your employees or attendees at an event.
Networking at events
Integrate the API into an event app for smart networking. Allow your attendees to discover who’s in the room and make important connections.
Workplace security
Ensure only those with the correct permissions access your building or parts of your building by integrating facial recognition.
Use face recognition to authenticate who is accessing online bank accounts for added security. The technology can also be used within the Know Your Customer (KYC) process of challenger banks.
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