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We think that building AR should be a breeze. So we’ve made a really straight forward AR platform – even if your coding skills are non-existent. Whether you're a brand marketer, creative, developer or just curious about building your own blipps, you can easily do it yourself. Our powerful augmented reality tools, Blippbuilder and Blippbuilder Script, enable you to create any AR experience you can think of. To get started, just choose the tool that fits your skills and needs.
Need inspiration?
No coding skills?
Design tool
Drag & drop interface
Very easy to use
Create rich media experiences
Simple animation & 3D models
No coding skills needed
Coding skills?
JavaScript scripting interface
Custom create any AR experience
All the power of Blippar's AR engine
Create complex rich media experiences
Advanced animations & 3D model handling
Access to our Developer Portal
Blippbuilder Script
The simple but powerful way to create AR is with Blippbuilder. The design tool is easy to learn, and lets you add a layer of interactivity to your printed materials – anything from a poster, a print ad, event stand or book.
Bring it to life with animations, games or 3D models. Add links to buy, collect user feedback, showcase how to use your product and more.
Need inspiration?
Interactive Print
Enhance reader engagement by bringing traditional print to life using augmented reality. Spark readers’ curiosity by offering them an innovative way to engage and explore the content in more detail.
B2B training
Enhance and liven up B2b training sessions with interactive learning. Deliver educational and informative content through augmented reality-enabled visual aids to ensure maximum engagement and fun for trainees!
In-store promotion
In-store promotion and products can be made more interactive using Blippar. Offer consumers the opportunity to engage and unlock in-depth and useful information about products in an interactive and unconventional fashion.
Blippbuilder Script
A JavaScript interface that allows developers to custom build any augmented reality experience imaginable. This includes mesh deformation, dynamic lighting and integration with third party apps. It also provides access to our Developer Portal for tutorials and inspiration. What will you build? The next blockbuster AR game, a product visualization, a virtual try-on or perhaps a training module for equipment repairs? If you can dream it you can build it with Blippbuilder Script.
Boost engagement and interaction by gamifying consumer products. Transform traditional packing into a media channel and liven up the consumer experience with an augmented reality game.
Product visualization
Encourage sales by providing consumers with a better understanding of the way a product can look in any setting. For instance, offer free reign to mix and match a variety of styles and colours that best suit them.
Virtual try-on
Increase the likelihood of sales by helping customers on their purchase journey. Allow them to try/test out what your product can do for or look like on them.
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