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More powerful products, more efficient processes. Get both, with Blippar’s enterprise AR and AI technology.
Saving time or money, improving products or services, engaging customers or staff. These are just some of the things that successful businesses strive for. And Blippar can help you with that. We’ve been fine-tuning our computer vision and augmented reality engines since 2011, and they’re ready to go to work for your business using their impressive power and best-in-class capabilities.
B2B training
Augmented reality makes training more engaging and easier to understand. If a picture speaks a thousand words, AR speaks a thousand pictures. It’s really effective at bringing information to life and lets people get hands-on with the content. Which means they’re far more likely to learn from it - and that’s pretty important for training!
Image and video tagging
If you have a lot of media content, our Computer Vision API can do a lot of work for you. It automatically recognizes what’s in your images and videos. Everything from people’s faces, emotions, everyday objects, plants, landmarks, buildings, logos, animals, cars and more. It then tags everything it finds in that piece of media, making it easy to categorize and search for.
Product & environment visualization
This is incredibly useful for product prototyping, or mapping out a space like a new building or an event. If you sell large products that can’t physically be sent to prospective buyers or remote workers, simply send them a 3D version of the finished product with AR.
Software & hardware integration
Integrate computer vision and augmented reality into your wearables, scanners, and any other device with a camera lens.
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