Augmented Reality Digital Placement
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Bringing AR to rich media - no app required!
Imagine the power of AR merged with the power of rich media display ads. In a first-ever, we’ve developed tech to do just that. It’s called Augmented Reality Digital Placement (ARDP), and it allows users to view AR experiences without the need for a separate app to be installed on their device. This offers brands and advertisers from every industry the opportunity to create interactive, rich media ads consumers want to engage with. We have worked with the IAB to set the industry standards for this new ad format.
Hello world
3D rendering & gyro
Bring 3D objects and character models into your world. Users can interact with each model, spinning it 360° and even tapping on interaction points. Or immerse users into any 360° scene. A stunning VR experience that can leverage a device’s camera to deliver ‘transparent’ elements as well.
Face tracking & filters
With face tracking and filters, users can transform into someone or something else. Perhaps your brand’s mascot, the star of your film, or proudly paint their face with your sports team's’ colours.
Photoshares & stickers
Put your customers front and center with customizable selfies. Put their face up in lights, or let them choose their own virtual destination, all within the ad unit.
Launch a first-person-view game straight from the ad unit. With ‘transparent’ elements the game will merge the real and virtual worlds. So it will really feel like those rocket ships are heading straight for you.
How it works
An ARDP can be run within any size placement on any network or publisher. The unit is compatible with desktop browsers, the majority of mobile browsers and device combinations.